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Exclusive Serenity specialises in sales and marketing in South Africa as well as in worldwide reservations for luxury hotels and resorts. 

Being a premium service provider we guarantee the perfect integration of personal face-to-face sales and online marketing for the five star niche market. With a combination of genuine personalisation and dedication, our commitment goes past the extra mile for each of our partners – from clients, to the trade partners, to the future guests.

Dedicated Sales & Marketing for Luxury Hotels

Our exclusive and handpicked portfolio only showcases properties which we feel confident are living up to the highest expectations of the discerning traveller. Each of our clients provides unique experiences, an exclusive setting and an innovative approach to hospitality. The places we represent are known for their unique character, charm and location whilst offering finest accommodation and luxury that is defined through exclusivity, space and serenity. Beyond six-star prestige and long-forgotten crowds waits real exclusivity. Places and spaces where memories play in big moments - exclusive experiences made just for you.

Exclusive Serenity - where luxury is only the beginning.

Worldwide Reservations

Reservations for Luxury HotelsWorldwide Reservations for Luxury Hotels

Run a million miles from call centre robots - to Exclusive Serenity. For ecstatic guests and tremendous ease-of-use, have you considered outsourcing your reservations?

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Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing for Luxury HotelsSales and Marketing for Luxury Hotels

Allow us to position your business, where it really belongs; promote your business, to those dying to visit; generate more business, because champagne toasts are good for you.

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Online Marketing

Are you effective online?Online Marketing for Luxury Hotels

Whether you want to introduce your property to new markets across the internet or better serve your guests over email - we understand how the world works online.

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